Revamp your car journey

The days of I-spy, confusing road maps and ‘are we there yet’ are thankfully over. Road trippers can breathe a sigh of relief. Long car journeys have finally gone high-tech. There are a huge number of gadgets available to make your car journey that bit smoother. Some are practical and some are just for fun. So, what ones should you invest in?

Heated cupholders

Drivers and passengers alike may need a caffeine boost to get them through a long journey. Keep your cappuccino toasty warm by purchasing a heated cupholder. These devices plug directly into your in-car lighter port and, as a bonus, can also be used to keep drinks cold.


This one is a game changer! Save everyone’s mobile data by installing an in-car wifi system. Passengers can wile away long hours in the car by keeping up to date with Facebook or playing an online game like poker. Just make sure all players knows the gameĀ and rules!

USB charger

Car-Fi will be no use if your battery runs out. Make sure you all stay connected with this smartphone charger. Again, it plugs directly into your lighter port (just move that heated cupholder out of the way!) and the micro USB slot fits a variety of smartphones.

Anti-sleep alarm

Passengers may be able to pass the time with online games and social media. But monotony can kick in for the driver, especially on long motorway journeys. Make sure you stay alert with this anti-sleep alarm. There are a number of different devices on the market with a wide range of prices. The most basic model is worn on your ear and will sound an alarm if your head starts to tilt forward.


Ideally, you’ll never need it. But in the unlikely event of an accident the dashcam is invaluable for providing evidence to your insurance company and the authorities.