Different kinds of car races

Car racing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sports of our era. Many people are, however, not aware that there are many different kinds of car races, each with an appeal of its own. Formula racing is one of the most beloved types of car races. The car is a single-seater with the wheels located on the outside. Races take place at specially built race tracks. Sports cars are 2-seater vehicles that come in two types: the custom-built, prototype cars developed to compete on closed tracks, and the GT or Grant Turismo – vehicles that are derived from production cars. Stock car racing makes use of production vehicles that have been customized for racing purposes. Popular particularly in the US, it usually takes place on oval tracks. Rallies. Rallying uses production-based vehicles and races take place on closed public roads or off-road terrain. Road conditions often include asphalt, gravel, ice or snow. Races normally depart in regular intervals from the starting point. Off-road racing is, as the name suggests, conducted under off-road conditions such as mud, sand, river beds, snow, ice or other rough terrain. Vehicles can vary from production cars to motorbikes and trucks. Poker run. There are a number of different versions, but let’s summarize the basics: In a conventional poker game every player is dealt 5 cards. The ones with the best hand is the winner. Combine this with a nice motorcycle (or any other type of vehicle) ride and you have a poker run. The race starts upon check in, when you receive a route map and a score sheet. Typically there will be five check points, each of which will give you a card when you check in. After your score sheet has been updated, you will proceed to the next checkpoint. Similar to a game of poker, the player with the best hand at the end will be declared the winner. It helps if you at least become familiar with basic poker principles such how blinds and betting work before the game.